Who are we?

Perfektion is a new raiding guild created on Tarren Mill EU by players previously playing Alliance on Ravencrest. Looking to get a fresh start in the new expansion, we've made a new guild with a strong focus on raid progression as well as high mythic plus keys.
We're aiming to have a relaxed environment with a non-hardcore raiding schedule, while still aiming to have good progression in mythic content.

What do we value & expect?

If you feel like we're descrinbing you below, we urge to you contact us.
We're not a strict guild outside of raids - but don't mind a laugh or two while raiding either.

  • Attitude

    We expect our members to have a friendly attitude, both towards the guild and outside the guild. Players who are willing to help out with various activities are very valuable to a guild.

  • Loyalty

    One of the most important thing in a guild is loyalty. Perfektion strives to be a stable guild - and for that we need loyal members who doesn't quit after being stuck on a boss for weeks to an end.

  • Performance

    We value players who both try to perform their best, as well as being open to constructive criticism. There is always room for improvement and we want our members to help eachother perform better than they did in the previous raid.

  • Communication

    Being able to communicate is essential in order to succeed in a raid environment. We expect you to be able to communicate in fluent English both written and verbally.

Are you interested?

Click the Apply button and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. We urge you to apply even if your class isn't currently listed on WoW Progress.